New  Volunteers


Adopt-a-Mimi provides the means for young adult volunteer to find rewarding opportunities to “adopt” seniors in assisted living facilities and develop a relationship with them. We highly value the contributions our volunteers make to provide senior citizens with critical contact and companionship that can greatly enrich their lives mentally and physically.

Volunteers will schedule to meet in-person with their adopted senior for preferably at least one hour per week. In addition, volunteers may supplement in-person visits with one-on-one video chats through Adopt-a-Mimi’s website once they and their adoptee have an established relationship.

When a volunteer spends time with their adopted senior, some of the activities they may do together include:

  • reading and writing together
  • puzzles or games
  • weaving, knitting, crocheting, and quilting
  • crafts
  • sharing photos
  • painting
  • walking
  • just reminiscing and talking

It will be up to the senior and the volunteer to decide what they will most enjoy doing in their time together, subject to the approval of the assisted living facility.

In order to match your skills, abilities and interests to the needs of a senior citizen in an assisted living facility in your area, please complete and submit a Volunteer Interest Form.

Adopt-a-Mimi will forward your Volunteering Interest Form to a local participating assisted living facility. If the assisted living facility has a need for a volunteer, it may contact you and request that you complete its volunteer qualification process.  Whether or not you are accepted as a volunteer is in the sole discretion of each assisted living facility.

If you are accepted as a volunteer, the facility will contact you with options for getting involved. In addition, upon the facility’s request, Adopt-a-Mimi will establish an account for you on its website to be able to connected with your adopted senior between on-site visits.

Click here to get more details about how it works. Thanks for your interest in becoming a volunteer.