Assisted Living Facilities

Adopt-a-Mimi’s mission is to dramatically improve the lives of senior citizens and provide young adults with a life changing experience by creating a social network that connects seniors in assisted living facilities with volunteers on a mass scale. This programs supplements but does not replace a facility’s existing volunteer program.

Participating facilities will receive requests from young adults interested in volunteering with resident seniors. In addition, a facility may offer its volunteers and seniors with the ability to supplement in-person visits with one-on-one video chats through Adopt-a-Mimi’s website. If seniors at your facility do not have Internet access or a computer, Adopt-a-Mimi has a program that may be able to provide this technology as needed.

If your facility is interested in participating in the Adopt-a-Mimi program, please click here to contact us and either send us a letter or an email from our website. In your correspondence please make sure to provide at the minimum the following information:

  • Name and Address of The Facility,
  • The Name of the Person to Contact at your facility, and
  • Email and Phone Number of the contact person.