About Us

Residents of assisted living facilities can feel isolated from their community, families, and friends which can lead to depression, reduced quality of life, and adverse health effects. The companionship of family, friends, and volunteers can greatly enrich their lives mentally and physically.

Adopt-a-Mimi was founded to provide seniors in assisted living facilities meaningful contact and companionship by facilitating connections between them and young adults. Adopt-a-Mimi does this by providing a means for young adult volunteers to “adopt” seniors in assisted living facilities and develop a relationship with them.

Through this program, seniors in assisted living facilities maintain, strengthen, and grow their connections with the community, improving and enriching their lives. At the same time, volunteers gain rewarding and life-changing experiences through the incredible new friendships and insights they develop. They truly can make a difference in someone’s life

Adopt-a-Mimi believes that as a community we can work together to help reduce the sense of isolation that seniors experience in assisted living facilities. Click here to sign up as a volunteer, become a participating assisted living facility or contact us.