How it Works

Adopt-a-Mimi facilitates volunteers and seniors to connect through in-person visits and Internet video chats.

Volunteers will visit their adopted seniors preferably once per week. In addition, volunteers and seniors may conduct private video, text chats and email through the Adopt-a-Mimi website. This allows them to connect between scheduled visits or when volunteers are unable to come in due to illness, vacations, or other scheduling conflicts.

Volunteers will make a request with and be paired with senior residents by an assisted living facility in their area that participates in the program. The process works as follows:

  • A prospective volunteer completes a Volunteering Interest Form available on the Adopt-a-Mimi website.
  • If a particular assisted living facility is not registered with Adopt-a-Mimi, the volunteer can request that Adopt-a-Mimi work to have the assisted living facility participate in the program.
  • Adopt-a-Mimi will send the volunteer’s Volunteering Interest Form to the assisted living facility closest to the prospective volunteer’s home address provided in the Volunteer Interest Form, unless the prospective volunteer specifically requests a different participating assisted living facility.
  • After the assisted living facility reviews the Volunteering Interest Form, the facility will contact the volunteer if it has a need for a volunteer.
  • The volunteer completes the facility’s qualification process which may include an application, interview, and background check.
  • If approved by the assisted living facility, a volunteer is matched with a resident of the facility by the assisted living facility. Whether a prospective volunteer is approved is in the sole discretion of each assisted living facility.
  • The assisted living facility will provide Adopt-a-Mimi with the details of the volunteer and senior citizen match.
  • Adopt-a-Mimi will establish an account on its website for the volunteer to privately connect with their adopted senior and will email the account details to the volunteer.
  • The volunteer will complete the Adopt-a-Mimi website registration process.
  • The volunteer may now schedule in-person visits with their adopted senior, preferably at least one hour per week.
  • The volunteer may supplement in-person visits with one-on-one video chats once they and their adoptee have an established relationship.